“-Hello, do you know the password for the Wi-Fi?” I curiously ask the Asian girl, sitting on the sofa in the hotel’s lobby in Geneva which my family and I have chosen for a stop-over on our Euro trip. “Yes, it is youth1234,” retorts she in a ringing voice. “Thank you very much,” reply I, […]

It is of utmost importance, in hectic situations, when you think you have had enough, and when your momentary frenzy dances in its highest values, to calm your annoyance with a new dose-shot of patience. Why immerse into nerve-racking emotions or produce negative thoughts when that could adversely influence you and tip off the already […]

“Everything good is found in ginger.” Indian proverb   There are several foods I regard as panaceas – Aloe Vera, garlic, turmeric, and ginger. Today I am going to dwell on the last one. But before I start, I would briefly explain what panacea means. In Greek mythology, Panacea (or Panakeia) was the Goddess of […]