Day 1 – First Glimpses of Istanbul’s Asian Side and the Fascinating Prince Islands Constantinople, Tsargrad or as it is known nowadays – Istanbul. We arrive with a bit of a delay, but our host informs us that he is also running late and we have to wait for him in front of Naylor (damn […]

We quickly forget how American Airlines has landed us at Miami International as soon as we step out of the airport to search for a taxi that is large enough to fit four people with six suitcases. – “May you take us to the Fontainebleau hotel?” we cheerfully chirp to the driver. – “Of course, […]

A good part of the world adjusted its clock to Winter Time at the end of October which added light to the morning, but made staying up late at work even more challenging. Motivation, like many other things, fades away [sometimes] more quickly than it has come. If it is not fuelled regularly, anxiety and uncertainty […]