Since Sofia was overcast by a dense fog, some friends and I decided to escape its cold hug by going on a trip to the famous Rila mountain – the highest mountain range in Bulgaria and on the Balkans. In particular, we were headed to the Malyovitsa hut.

Christmas. That time of the year where joy and happiness intertwine with laughter and clinking of glasses. We will gather with family and friends to celebrate together one of the brightest holidays. And the majority of us will not only overdrink but also overeat. I am not going to be your caring mommy and tell you not to […]

One could hardly imagine that something so simple can be so delicious. Even a person armed with a rich English vocabulary would be challenged to describe it. Delectable, lip-smacking, toothsome, appetising – lyutenitsa is all of that and even more.

While in the West it is usually referred to as “Bulgarian yoghurt”, in its homeland it is called sour milk (kiselo mlyako or “кисело мляко” in Cyrillic). Regardless of its name, this magical probiotic product comes with an impeccable ancestry – it is believed to have been known for around 4,000 years.

Do eye-feasting landscapes, drop-dead gorgeous scenery, and limpid waters strike your fancy? Then this post about Guilin and Yangshuo will play with your senses for beauty. Оn top of that, it will provide you with helpful facts about the fascinating Li River Cruise and how to do in the best way. Are you ready? Good, […]