Capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi is a refreshing oasis in the Arabian Desert. Proud owner of multitudes of parks scattered around the city, it is much greener than the touristy Dubai. Covering more than 80% of the total territory of the UAE, Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates. The […]

Probably there is not a single person in the Internet space who has not heard of Shaolin monks. These tremendously agile and dexterous people are not only capable of kicking your buttocks. To gain the honour of being regarded as a “Shaolin monk” requires a humongous amount of resilience, dedication, motivation, and, most of all, […]

You thought you had been prepared. Having seen countless videos and photos of thee steel gargantuan, you might have imagined its size. But Burj Khalifa flabbergasts! With its staggering 828 m (2,716 ft), it’s even challenging to describe it if you haven’t been near its entrance. Truly an incredible feat of engineering, it’s regarded as […]