Yesterday, the weather was marvellous for a stroll in the mountains and so we did. Well-advised by my fellow bloggers from The Sisters, my friend and I drove not more than 15 km (10 mi) south-west of Sofia to the village of Vladaya where we embarked upon a journey following one of the curvy paths […]

When Hung Thai from Up Up and a Bear contacted me around 2 months ago with the idea to join a charitable project, I thought I was excited. Today, May 15th 2016, just one week before the release of the crowdfunding campaign, I am starting to really feel the enthusiasm of all participants.

Back in the summer of 2007, while I was working in the United States of America, for 3 ½ months I had plenty of opportunities to visit Atlantic City. The Small Vegas, as it is known, was just an hour away from the small island town where I used to do my daily routines. Therefore, […]

Easter is a celebration to honour the resurrection of Jesus Christ which takes place on a Sunday. It is probably the brightest and greenest springtime festivity for all Christians. Nevertheless, the date for the Orthodox Easter is usually later than the one of other churches in the west.