Thousands of books have been written on Vassil Levski, his magnificent feats, and deeds of valour. I would like to share with you the most important highlights of his humongous role for the liberation of Bulgaria from the Ottoman Empire, why he is still honoured today, and why he is deemed “The greatest Bulgarian of […]

Since the early days of Facebook and long before I started my own travel and lifestyle blog, every time I uploaded photos, I accompanied them with rich descriptions, telling historical, geographical, and other peculiar facts about the places I set my foot upon. From the time when I initiated my own blog (the one you […]

Aronia berry, also known as chokeberry, is one of those petite fruits that just burst with vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and nutrients. First transported to Europe in the middle of the 18th century, the plant is resistant to pests and low temperatures. The only conditions it requires are humidity and bits of sunlight. This unpretentious, but […]

Bansko is probably the most famous Bulgarian ski destination. Standing next to the jaw-dropping beauty of Pirin Mountains, it is a great place to visit even in summer. On an invitation of Green Wood Hotel & SPA, several other bloggers and I spent a weekend there trying its services.