Despite the fact that there are more women than men in Europe, female entrepreneurs are only a third of the self-employed in the European Union (EU). If we have to speak in numbers, women are 52% of the entire EU population, but they represent only around 34% of those who are self-employed and about 30% […]

Kassel is one of the lesser known cities in Germany. How I ended up going there twice over a period of four years, I will describe in the next several paragraphs. The trip there can be combined with one-day visits of a couple of other places in its vicinity or even going to Frankfurt am […]

Internet Censorship Internet censorship can be described as the control or suppression of what may be viewed, accessed, or published in the Internet space. It may be superimposed by governments or by private organisations at governments’ and regulators’ behest or following their own initiative. The degree of censorship differs from country to country. While in […]