Welcome to Salzburg, Svet! It is my pleasure to greet you here and narrate you the story of this marvellous city for the couple of hours you will spend here today. I know you are weary from your adventures throughout Europe, but I assure you this story will fascinate you. Yes, Salzburg might not be […]

Today, in the second episode of “Young Entrepreneurs Talk”, we are meeting another utterly interesting female who traces its origins back to (mother) Russia. This is Anna Howarth, who punches well above her fragile weight (and age) to prove to every woman out there that she (you) can be the next girl boss. Why? Anna […]

In the history of Bulgaria, teeming with tragic rifts, the symbols of national unity quickly wear out. The national ideals turn into national catastrophes, the Kirilitsa (Cyrillic alphabet) turns into Latinitsa (Latin alphabet), and the national flag sweats on the unworthy shoulders of football crowds. There is one symbol, however, which is indefeasible – banitsa.