Stop working. Start Travelling. In an effort to achieve that, however, you must, first of all, start investing heavily in yourself. Why heavily, though? Because to invest in yourself does take a lot of effort, but it pays off immensely and in the end, you are going to rejoice cheerfully.

Probably one of my best summers was in 2007, spent in the United States of America. Back then, I did a work and travel programme which was more focused on work but included some travels, too. The whole experience was supercharged with difficulties, adjusting of habits, measure units, and dealing with a long-distance relationship. I […]

Imagine you have the floor to narrate your travel stories in front of a couple of hundred people for only 6 minutes in 18 slides. That’s both exhilarating and challenging, isn’t it? This is Traveler On Stage (TOS) – an initiative started in 2014 in France.