Best Travel Moments in 50 Words

We all have pretty awesome and, often, unforgettable moments from our travels around the globe. We can speak about them for ages and write small novels. However, can we do it in just 50 words? I have contacted several travel bloggers who gladly accepted the daunting challenge and shared their memories.

  1. Tiger Temple, Thailand – Lina Jiang

“Visiting the tiger temple in Thailand has been one of my most memorable travel experiences. It combined my love for cats and the slight sense of danger into one perfect afternoon. Next time I would try to make it in early in the morning to feed the baby tiger cubs!”


Lina’s love for all kinds of cats has been saccharine ever since she remembers. Follow her cat adventures on Instagram.

  1. Defying Gravity – NTripping

“Heights. Not everyone loves them. I grew living on the 14th floor, so I love heights. But jumping from 4,000 m?!? I managed to only shout “Oh, no, I can’t…” before I was out and flying. An adrenaline kick like no other. I’m doing it again. And you should, too.”


Naddya always wanted to knit pullovers, but since she did not find that challenging enough, she went parachute jumping. When not knitting or jumping from heights, she can be found on Facebook and Twitter.

  1. Sensing Change – TravelousMind

“It was one of those warmer nights in Portugal. The sky was filled with stars and had a light touch of pink through the reflection of the towns’ lights. After a long time of motionlessness, everything was beginning to change. In that moment I just knew something big lay ahead…”


When Denise is not pinning boards or Instagramming, she can be heard playing guitar in the mountains of Slovenia.

  1. Vienna Calling – SunandSany

“A trip I will never forget is travelling to Vienna in 2014 with my sister. It was her first time there. We rushed to see as many things as possible for a very short time, and almost missed her plane back to Bulgaria. Despite that, we had lots of fun.”


When Sany is not engaged in dance battles, she visits Greek islands and conquers mountain peaks. Check out her Instagram and Facebook.

  1. The Journey Within – The Magic of Travelling

“Why is the sunset so early?” asked a child her grandfather.

“To remind us we can lose our dreams early,” said the old man.

“But I can’t lose my dream, grandpa, I want to see the world!”

“Start the journey inside you, and the world will be yours, my child!”


Bistra and Nace have been to more than 50 countries and wherever they go, they always do a dance and chat with the locals. For more stories, check out their Instagram and Facebook.

  1. The Memorable Sunsets at Goa, India – Wandering Celebrations

“Back in college, I visited Goa with friends. Each day we began by chilling at the beautiful beaches, drank to just about anything, sobered down to sumptuous meals, and partied all night. Contrary to the looks of it, the best part was sobering down to the soothing yet provocative sound of waves and the dying sun.”


When Joy is not indulging in mouth-watering drinks or salivating over Indian delicacies, he is marvelling at drop-dead gorgeous sunsets. Follow his escapades on Facebook and Stumble Upon.

  1. Up, Up, and Away – Redhead Explorer

“The most exhilarating trips are those which push your own limits. Flying a single engine plane was one of a kind trip. An adventure. A challenge. A present from the person I love. An opportunity to do everything I love: travel, take photos, and learn new things.”


Konstantina’s writing style is gorgeous. As is her red hair. Feel free to follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Devoured by a Burger – Up Up and a Bear

“We ordered a giant pitcher of red wine in Venice. I also ordered a burger and while eating it, I realized that it was actually the burger EATING ME! That’s when I fell over and took a long nap to get over the drunkenness.”


Master Hung has always been challenging the martial arts of Jackie Chan. But once they got into a skirmish, it was spectacular. Don’t believe me? Visit his Instagram and Facebook to see.

*In fact, Master Hung was so drunk that he didn’t realise he was eating a sundae.

  1. Snorkeling Silfra, Iceland – The Thought Card

“Following my guide through the canyon, my vision was clear, but I could barely feel my hands and face. I swam past pebbles and touched gigantic boulders all while marveling at the natural effects of the shifting tectonic plates. I could hardly believe that I was snorkeling Silfra in Iceland.”


I thought people in financing are drop-dead serious, but Danielle’s beaming smile disperses my beliefs. Check her (affordable) photos on Instagram and Facebook.

  1. A Glimpse of an Adventure – Wild Side

“It was an early morning. With two sweet German girls and this cute Italian guy, we met up on top of the hill to watch the sunrise. We were four sleepy heads, excited as the sun was slowly rising above the sea. Amazed by this wild beauty. The adventure was just beginning.”


Besides, speaking the language of love, French, Céline likes to be amazed by moments of pure bliss. Follow her tales on Facebook and marvel at her boards on Pinterest.

  1. Lonely in Heaven – Life in Transience

“I need to get out of here.

Sweat pours from my skin.

This city makes me too damn lonely.

Thumb out, hopes high.

A car stops.  I have a ride to Balaton.

We arrive.

Cool water against my skin. Heaven.

I am alone, with the lake and the stars.”


Nikita’s love of and for words is more than obvious. Enchanted too? Explore her Facebook and Twitter for more.

  1. People’s Hospitality – Dream Travel Girl

“I once celebrated my birthday in Uruguay, at the place of a couple I met in New Zealand. They prepared a birthday dinner with barbecue, cake… and all their family! And the day after they took a day off to show me around. People’s hospitality is the best of traveling.”


Armed with a small rucksack, in 2014, Laia got out to explore the world. Nobody really knows where she is at the moment, but her Instagram and Facebook can help us to locate her and bring her back to her family.

  1. Light in Prague – Photo Café

“Light in Prague is a story about the extraordinary, the power of imagination and what’s hidden from the sight; about the desire to seek and find new, different places. A story about art in all its forms. Architecture is timeless, has withstood time, and keeps stories since the world began.”


Following the saying of the genius Henri Cartier-Bresson, “A good photographer only needs one eye and one finger,” Leni goes around taking photos that provoke and inspire. Make sure to stop by her Facebook and Vimeo for more inspiration.

  1. An Artist’s Labour of Love – IMVoyager

“I looked at the naked man standing gracefully, his muscular body taut and his eyes brooding as if he was readying for battle. The veins of his right hand bulged with tension. Michael Angelo’s David left me breathless as I marveled at the artistry of the master as my hair stood on end.”


Next to looking at naked men, Sandy and Vyjay also love journeying beauties, deeply tucked in god-forgotten places. Head to their Twitter and Facebook to read more.

  1. First Bite of a Scrumptious Pizza – Svet Dimitrov

“They were cutting the pizza with scissors. ‘What a neat idea!’ I thought while my mouth was filling with enormous amounts of saliva. Although this was not a restaurant and the Italian delicacy was far from the best you can find, it was the most delectable I have ever tasted.”

Svet is a gourmet food worshipper. His adoration and respect for food are so grand he usually climaxes when his palate meets new flavours and tastes across the globe.


  1. Hit the BeachTravelling Buzz

“One of the highlights of my summer was a 7-day roadtrip on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. From the most southern to the most northern part, we saw a colorful mix of beaches – unspoiled and beautiful, quiet or crowded, sandy or rocky… It was one of the most educational, fun and unforgettable road trips so far.”


Maria’s enthusiasm about travelling and wandering around Bulgaria and Europe is more than admirable. Let’s see how she takes photos on Facebook and Instagram.



Have you written a story in 50 words? Would you like to take part in my next project? Drop me a comment or contact me from here.


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18 comments on “Best Travel Moments in 50 Words

  1. Nikita

    Love this collaboration! It’s so cool to see the different styles people fell on when faced with a word limit. I think I’ll keep doing this on my own… It’s a good exercise!

    • Svet

      I loved it too and thanks for taking part in it, Nikita! Well, I also did not invent it myself (well, not entirely), so I feel free to create something more creative. I am willing to join it! 🙂

  2. NTripping

    Wow, Svet, some awesome and funny adventures in the list! Already bucketlisted some of them 🙂
    Cheers, N.

  3. thetravelpockets

    I have read so many wonderful posts about Thailand and still haven’t made the trip out there. I love big cats too!!! I would love to feed the baby tigers 🙂

    • Svet

      Yeah, me too! My brother and his fiancée are going there around Christmas so I may need to go with them. I’d love to scratch the bellies of the cubs :))

  4. Cori Carl

    This is great travel inspiration! Sometimes it’s harder to say things in 50 words than 1000.

  5. rovingjo

    An incredible collaboration of moments. This is what life is about – living those moments, making memories. Love this.

    • Svet

      Yes, Jo, you are absolutely right – we need to live all those moments and then write posts about them :))

  6. Live Learn Venture (@LiveLearnVentur)

    One of my favorite things about traveling is looking back at all of the amazing memories. This is quite a collection.

  7. Redhead Explorer

    Great concept :)! And lovely collection

  8. abcdeghizzy

    This is one of the best collaborations I have every come across! Pinning it now to revisit in the future… I especially love the story of “The Journey Within – The Magic of Travelling.” Seriously so beautiful.

    But I’m quite saddened by your condoning the tiger temple memory… I don’t know if you know how inhumane the temple is. They sedated the tigers so heavily so that tourists could experience “oneness” with these creatures. And there have been many reported accidents in the past of tigers mauling the guests and then having to be put down as the result. You can’t tame wild beasts like that…. I believe it is poised to be shutdown forever by the government after they had found 40 dead tiger cubs in the refrigerator this past June. You can google BBC for yourself. It’s horrific that people still think operations like that are once in a lifetime experiences… really at who’s expense? We need to be more mindful travelers. 🙁

    • Svet

      Thanks so much, Izzy! I have another great idea, too. Yes, the guys from “The Magic of Traveling” are very good friends who have been here and there, and know their lessons.

      I have absolutely no idea about the temple and I am also quite upset about to read about these horrible facts. I just checked the BBC report and I will consider removing the story. Thanks for opening our eyes.

  9. Laia

    Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to collaborate in this post! I liked the challenge of writing in 50 words, it makes you think about the essence of what you want to communicate. It’s been a great exercise and very interesting to read about the best experiences of so many other bloggers! 🙂

    • Svet

      Laia, it was a pleasure to collaborate with you, and thanks so much for your nice contribution. I believe the article turned out to be great 🙂

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