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Everything You Need to Know about China to Enjoy Yourself, Avoid Getting Scammed, and Travel Safely To-Do List Currency Scams Language Food Health Pollution Accommodation Transport Cities Censorship Festivals Religion Cultural Habits Why Visit In the last four decades, China has become an economic superpower. This resulted in an ever-growing number of tourists, visiting the […]

Straddling the Pearl River, a city of immense magnitude and beauty enchants visitors coming to South East China. Standing at an equal distance from both Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou is still not a very popular city among travellers. With this article, I hope to put it on the radar of many. I spent three […]

Lotus Hill near Guangzhou is one of Pearl River Delta’s popular hills, nestled in the eastern suburb of Panyu City. But before talking about this resplendent place in the mountain, having the same name – Lianhuashan (莲花山) – let’s chat a little about Guangzhou to get you better acquainted.

I have been struggling to write a post like since I have some ideas nested in my head, but, admittedly, people love these kinds of lists where information is discernible and quickly absorbed. Not only that, but they can immediately provoke readers’ comments. And after I have compiled this list, I must say it is […]

Do eye-feasting landscapes, drop-dead gorgeous scenery, and limpid waters strike your fancy? Then this post about Guilin and Yangshuo will play with your senses for beauty. Оn top of that, it will provide you with helpful facts about the fascinating Li River Cruise and how to do in the best way. Are you ready? Good, […]