Gaudí had a dream to construct a city that will make your jaws drop with every step you make. To build something that will enter the annals of history and will stay there forever. To erect buildings that not only mesmerise their visitors with sheer opulence but also with incredible usefulness. He was not only […]

Since I was completely mesmerised by the beauty of the Catalonian city, I decided to compile a photo essay of my best captures. You can read the whole article about my trip here if you have not had the chance to do so. Before I jump to describing the photos you are about to see, make sure […]

“We have given a diploma either to a crazy person or to a genius,” these were the thoughts of Gaudí’s professor who gave him the diploma when Antoni Gaudí graduated from his architecture school in Barcelona. He was a good prophet, wasn’t he? Therefore, brace yourself for an architectural odyssey. Before I went to Barcelona, […]

After having spent a whole day in Bergamo and an afternoon in Valencia, which turned out to be both amazing pieces of experience, we finally reached our destination – Tenerife – where we spent more than 10 days, working on a project and, indubitably, exploring the beauties of the so-called Island of Eternal Spring.

So, WizzAir postponed our flight to the Canary Islands and we had to spend one day in Bergamo which proved to be a fabulous stop-over. Next day’s plan included a commute via Valencia and landing on Tenerife, but the said air company informed us we would have to spend the night in Spain’s third largest […]