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Optimise Your Written Content

Have you ever feared that your audience won’t have the same excitement when reading your stories as you had while writing them?

Or that they will be repelled by your occasional grammar mistakes?

Truthfully, we have all been there.

Describing a jaw-dropping place or a life-changing adventure is quite daunting a task. To successfully teleport your readers into the scene, you have to curate art with your words. For that to happen, you need a huge vocabulary bank.

Having someone look over your stories before you hit “Publish” can make the difference between mediocre and extraordinary.

This is where Svet, the Vocabulary Titan, steps in.

I adore your way with words! “Where Adrenaline Flirts with Nature” evokes such adventure! I drool to “Satiate Capricious Tastes with Local Delicacies” (and just LOOK at that platter)! The jackpot, for me was: “Local Fiery Drinks that Will Pleasantly Incite Your Craving”. You make me say, “I’ll have what he’s having!”

A fellow travel blogger orgasms.

Let him help you:

  • Flirt with your readers’ attention by crafting a compelling story.
  • Proofread your written content and suggest edits to make readers fall in love with you.
  • Make the headlines, subheadings, and structure attention-grabbing so your audience keeps growing.
  • Spice up your descriptions – beautiful has at least 15 synonyms.

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(Offer expires on November 1st, 2017)

Optimise Your Page Load Time

Can you imagine how much bandwidth your readers at the other end of the world need to see your full-of-great-travel-pics-and-sexy-sliders website?

An awesome design is not a ranking factor in Google. Page speed is.

It seems logical to upload full-size images and fill your blog with countless sliders. It looks cool, but it makes your website slower than a wounded turtle.

To prevent your bounce rate from going through the roof and help you rank better in search results, you need to optimise your page load time.

This is where Naddya, the Speed Optimisation Queen, steps in.

Optimise Your Blog-NTripping-GTmetrix-Results
Test results speak better than words.

Let her help you:

  • Select a well-coded WordPress theme so you don’t need to fill the holes the developers left with additional plugins.
  • Understand why sexy sliders and huge images hurt your search traffic and your audience’s experience.
  • Set up a caching plugin correctly so your readers don’t waste their precious time.
  • Keep your blog up and running, fresh and updated while you trot the world hunting for the next great story.


Let’s Make Your Blog Awesome

You already have brilliant stories, which your readers cannot wait to devour. They just need a little polish to shine in all their glory, as well as a fast channel to your audience.

Don’t wait until you lose your hard-earned readers and search traffic due to annoying grammar mistakes or incredibly sluggish website.

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(Offer expires on November 1st, 2017)