• Svet is so great at what he does.
    He has travelled extensively and then put that together with his love and talent for writing.
    When he shares his travel adventures, he takes you to another world – something I have not seen any other travel bloggers do.
    He not only knows how to travel and write, he also knows all those tricky SEO things that you cannot go without. He really motivates me to think about these things too.


    Anna Howarth

    - LiveStream Confidence Coach, LiveStream Confidence
  • Evelina Radoycheva, Little Big Traveler

    You want an action, Svetoslav will nail it!

    I had the great pleasure to benefit from his rich knowledge, unconventional ideas and gladly given advice.

    He’ll provide you not just with a copy but with the right copy, making sure it communicates the spot-on message. His impressive writing skills and ability to articulate with words result in high-quality content and lead to brilliant results.

    Svet is an eloquent and witty storyteller who transfers his readers right to the action scene and keeps the ball rolling until the end.

    As a person, he is reliable, lively and easy to work with. A true gem in the industry.

    Evelina Radoycheva

    - Founder & Blogger, Little Big Traveler
  • Naddya Wagner, Ntripping, Testimonial, Image

    Svet juggles with words like no one I’ve met before.

    His storytelling transports you directly to the place he’s describing, makes you hold your breath, and doesn’t let you leave before you’ve finished reading.

    The way he flirts with the English language is unbelievable especially after learning that he’s not a native speaker. Few people, whose mother tongue English actually is, can do a better job than Svet.

    We’ve worked on multiple projects together and his help editing my blog posts has been invaluable. I have learned a great deal from him and I’ve definitely improved my own writing and language skills thanks to his suggestions.

    If you’re in need of a copywriter or editor, you won’t find anyone who’s more dedicated to the project and better prepared to tell your story than Svet.

    It’s a real pleasure and honour having him as a friend and a colleague. Good luck with everything you do, buddy!

    Naddya Wagner

    - Founder, NTripping
  • Alejandro Brussain, University Student, United Kingdom

    I asked for help with my dissertation and Svetoslav literally was one of the first one to come to the rescue.

    I was in a moment where I felt hopeless and the stress was just over the top in my brain. So not only he did go through my dissertation but he also helped me to craft a short and sweet covering letter for my audit e-mail.

    I can only say thank you for being such a great person and I am glad I have met you.


    Alejandro Brussain

    - University Student, University of London
  • Katya Dimova Testimonial Pic, Bulgaria, Blogger, Writer

    Svetoslav Dimitrov is like a unicorn in the online writing industry.

    In a sea of mediocre content producers, he carefully curates art with his words and every piece he crafts holds one hidden call to action: go live.

    His friendly and genuine personality makes working with him so easy and fun and the fact that he always stays faithful to his principles makes me respect him even more.

    I’ll be forever grateful to him for all the high-level help and guidance, and all the inspiration he’s unconsciously given me along the way.

    This collaboration has just begun! 🙂

    Katya Dimova

    - Blogger and Writer, KPRSPective
  • I am very visual so poetic photos and descriptive narratives make for a lovely introduction to intimate places around the world.

    Every time I read Svetoslav Dimitrov’s blog, I just want to pack up and go visit the places he writes about.

    I can feel Svetoslav Dimitrov’s passion for travelling and sharing these moments with us through blogging.

    I like that his website covers different subjects like superfood (this is one of my favourite subjects) or interviews with other people.

    Great stuff, Svet, and keep up with it!!!

    Karolina Blaszkiewicz

    - Founder, Karolina Blaszkiewicz
  • Antoniya Koleva Zorluer, Marketer, Etsy Superstar

    When I read Svet’s articles, I get a feeling that very few bloggers can create: I want to take action. I want to go places. I want to learn. I want to see. I want to visit.

    His words have this magical power to inspire action, decisions, and change. That’s why I knew that he is the perfect person to ask for feedback on my marketing materials.

    I wanted to make sure that what I say will help people take the leap. Svet not only polished my writing and gave me priceless wordsmithing tips, but he also provided me with the confidence that my words do exactly what they have to – inspire change and action.

    Antoniya Tonka Zorluer

    - Marketer & Etsy Superstar, SheHustlin'