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Young Entrepreneurs Talk – Anita Brocka

Can you fall in love with a personality on the first sight of his/her video? In the world of entrepreneurship, everything is possible.

Today, I have Anita Brocka who is a world citizen, spreading her wisdom, motivation, and value between Vienna and Miami. She is a Coach, an Entertainer, and a Life Designer.

Without further ado, I present to you the captivating Anita Brocka.

  1. Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Anita! Please get yourself comfortable and share with us why did you ditch the 9-5 bonanza?

Hi! 🙂

I quit 9-5 in April 2017 – I found an amazing job as an event manager but already within the trial month, I realized that I am not longer able to lead this kind of lifestyle. I needed more excitement, more creativity, and fell in love with the thought of the unknown. I wanted to create!

I wanted to live a life on my own terms and be my own boss.

Plus, I hated to leave my babies (2 dogs) at home. 😊

Anita Brocka, Mindset Coach, Polly and Didi, Puppies, Vienna
Anita’s two babies.

So I quit, which was the biggest decision of my life so far.

  1. How do you perceive competition? Does it motivate you further?

I do not think there is any kind of competition in this world.

There is plenty for everyone. There are unlimited resources, opportunities, and potential. Everyone can have their audience when they do their thing right.

I am not really motivated, I would rather say: I am inspired and act upon every impulse (intuition, gut feeling… you name it) I receive.

  1. Could you describe a typical Ani day? It’s orgasmic, isn’t it?

No! I cannot 😊 But, yes, indeed, it is orgasmic (laughs).

Every day is so different, but this is exactly what I wanted – no routines!

A typical Ani week would look like the following:

  • I do not start a working day before 11 AM. And, yes, I love to sleep – It is more important than we think.
  • In the mornings, I start with a short yoga + meditation combo, then a morning walk with my babies, later checking my schedule and to do list, I network widely (online, events), I do sports with my brother (who is the best and most qualified personal trainer ever), I cook at home or eat out with a client (as I said, my clients are my friends and I could not be more thankful for that). Furthermore, I have some calls, organize my emails, I produce a lot of content for blogs, videos, coaching, training, etc.
  • I have some business meetings every week, I do charity work every Tuesday at Caritas Vienna, and serve people in need.
Anita Brocka, Mindset Coach, Charity Work, Vienna
Ani helping Caritas Vienna.
  1. Do you seek out your clients or they find you? How does it work?

No. “I do not do anything, everything finds me” 😊Like I said, I network widely and trust that the right people find me. As for now, it works wonderfully. 

  1. You must lead quite a hectic life. How do you cope with the numerous daily tasks?

Yes. This is the reason I started to meditate and do some yoga and breathing techniques anytime during the day! It is a tip for all of you!

Anita Brocka, Mindset Coach, Fitness, Ani and Peter, Gym
Besides yoga and breathing, Ani loves working out, too.

As entrepreneurs, we have to get used to the unknown and things are not always working out the way we want them to, but it is okay. We just have to be prepared for that. I still have some problems with time-management but have some great friends who support me and we figure out things together.

  1. Ani, do you have a role model? Why would you be an irresistible combo?

I have many! I even put their names on my website.😊

My biggest female role model is, I guess, Jennifer Lopez – I feel pretty close to her, we would make an irresistible combo because our energies are contaaaagious, we would ROCK any kind of event (laughs).

And my biggest male role model is Justin Baldoni – all he does comes from a place of love and vulnerability and his new show “Man Enough” blows me away! Everyone should follow him!

Shoutout to all men out there!!!

  1. Do your entrepreneurial sleeves hide a healthy formula for success in the current, not-so-healthy world?

First of all, I genuinely believe that this world is healthy and in perfect balance – at least, this is my reality. But my healthy formula would be:

Practicing gratitude, meditation & yoga, long walks in nature, lots of laughter, and fun!!! Unbeatable!

Anita Brocka, Mindset Coach, Bubbly Image
Life is all about the fun and laughter, right?
  1. Taking time for yourself has a substantial importance for our health and well-being. How do you do that?

I love myself first and foremost, and I simply take my time whenever I feel the need for it. I cannot serve others if I do not serve myself.

My health and overall well-being come first. Period. 

  1. Do you possess any form of regrets until now?

No. I never had regrets and will not ever have because everything is just an experience and, to be honest,

the more “mistakes” I make, the more I grow.

Love it! 

  1. What would be your message to our readers who’d like to hop on the entrepreneurial train?

First, if you think this world is a cruel place and there’s a lot of competition out there, please do not quit because you are not yet ready. You might succeed short-term but will fail long-term.

MINDSET is everything!!!

Second, you need to be strong and have a huge desire for what you want to achieve but above all, your goals cannot be only selfish, you cannot only think about money, you must contribute to this world.

Ask yourself,

“what is my real legacy and what do I want to leave behind for our next generations?”

Anita Brocka, Mindset Coach, BW Portrait Image
Smiles go miles, don’t they?

Now, that’s really a contaaaaagious mindset, isn’t it?

I don’t know about you, my dear readers, but I feel really pumped to get out there, face every challenge, and have fun in the meantime.

I absolutely recommend visiting Anita Brocka’s YouTube channel, Facebook profile, and Instagram account. And, of course, to know her even better, don’t forget to pay her website a visit.

Thank you, Ani, for the pleasant talk. I wish you tonnes of success!

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