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Have you ever heard of a Hypno Coach? You wouldn’t believe how transformative a session with such a person is unless you tried one. Today, we are meeting Chris Richards, a certified Coach & Mentor, Public Speaker, and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) Hypnotherapist.

Chris has an amazing backstory to get to where he is today, and after any short conversation with him, it’s clear that his true passion is serving and helping people become happy and fulfilled, no matter their life situation.

His ability to master the potential of the human mind by understanding how it all works is truly mesmerising. In just one example of his work, Chris has cured serious social anxiety in just 45 minutes… But fortunately for us, this isn’t all he can do.

Let’s see what he shared with us about his business.

1.      Chris Richards, pleasure having you today on “Young Entrepreneurs Talk”. Could you tell our readers why you deem yourself successful in your business activities?

“Success” is a funny one because everyone you meet will define it differently… To me, a successful person is one that is emotionally and mentally living a life they desire, in whatever form that takes. They may not be at the end vision point yet, but if they are working towards it while also looking after those other important aspects of their life and making progress every day, or as often as possible, then they are already successful.

With this in mind, I consider myself successful because after many years in many different roles, I have found my true calling in life and I am totally fulfilled and happy with my life…. and the best part is, it keeps getting better.

2.      The extremely ferocious competition nowadays makes our lives more than challenging. Are you in a possession of secret weapons with which you tackle it and would you like to share some? 🙂

Very interesting question. Mainly because of how it’s framed tells me a lot about the mindset of the questioner… As I always try to guide my clients, “whatever you believe will become true for you”, the mind is very powerful in that way. So to have a mindset which looks for “Life Challenging, Ferocious Competition” will undoubtedly find it.

In the same way that when you buy a new car or piece of clothing, or are seriously thinking about it, you’ll tend to then see it a great deal more in your life… not because of any mystic force bringing more of it closer, it was almost certainly always there… but now, you’re paying particular attention to it, so you notice it much more.

My “secret weapon” in this regard would be to take a very deep look into what you believe about the world around you, how people should be behaving, what is “normal” for you, what you think business is and what it should be for you to be happy, and compare it all back to your current beliefs and values… Remember, however you frame the world and the questions you ask about things, that’s what it’ll become.

Furthermore, if there is a difference between what you observe and what you believe it should be, you will undoubtedly have some kind of emotional response. With Business (or relationships), there’s normally a fear present in the situation, somewhere.

For me, Business isn’t “challenging”, it’s abundant with opportunities for business success, joint ventures, investment opportunities, and most of all, personal fulfilment and connection with other people.

– So if there is always an abundance to be had if you’re resourceful enough and willing to work for it… What do you think I see when I look at other business people, even if they are in the same career path or niche focus as me?… It’s definitely NOT a “competition”. 

3.      Do you “hypnotise” your customers or they find you?

Haha!!! – Well, now you’re pushing for my secret mind power magic that draws in customers… 😀

Most of the time, they tend to find me as I attract certain people with certain issues in their lives, but that’s because I’m very careful with how I market myself and show up on social media and in person. It’s always a true version of me, but I’ll word things in such a way that they will resonate with the people I’m trying to reach and ultimately help.

Chris Richards, Hypnotising Eyes, Hypno Coach
The sight of a Hypno Coach.

4. Your business life must be hectic. What’s a Chris Richards’ day like?

Well, first of all, I’m very careful to schedule as much of my day as possible… and then I’m very accepting when, on most days, I may as well set fire to the schedule!

I try to fill it with as much client calls or discovery sessions as possible generally because that’s what I love to do, but when I’m not doing that, I’ll be working on business strategy, content creation, marketing, speaking with JV partners, and a whole range of other tasks to move my business forward and improve its reach to help more people.

As for my day-to-day plans… The way I work with clients is once I’m hired, they can message me, ask for ad-hoc calls, and should they really need it and it’s in their best interest to do so, I’ll drop what I’m doing and serve them. If this doesn’t happen, then I tend to have High-level Objectives/Strategy, but am very fluid in how I get there.

And so if I’m holding an event and I planned to speak to a Marketing agent, but a Photographer or another speaker message me with something, I’ll assess it for urgency, impact and risk factors, and then take action where needed, which means my plans may change day to day.

I’m not saying this is the absolute way of doing it, but it’s how I manage my Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly strategy and tasks.

5.  If you were given the rare opportunity to co-operate with a role model, who that individual would be and for what reason?

When it comes to role models, of course, I’d love to work with the really big names in Coaching, Leadership, Business, Social Media, for a variety of reasons but relevant to the person… For instance, to partner with Richard Branson in a business venture would be amazing (and we’re both big fans of Fiji, so perhaps a chilled holiday would be nice too), but I’m a people person so I love to meet new people and understand how they think and what they think to make them the way they are.

That said, my ultimate Role Model is myself 30 years from now. I think this one is important for anyone to follow because before you can achieve anything, you must first be able to see it in fine grain detail. I personally focus on the kind of person he is.

Is he happy and fulfilled? Or has his priorities shifted?

How does he treat people?

What are his relationships like?

What is he known for?

What is his legacy?

And what have his accomplishments been?… things like that.

I may not become exactly who I’m visualising right now, but at least I’ll be moving in a direction which is right for me and also, once you know where you’re heading, life and business decisions become much easier and you are far less likely to be distracted by “shiny-object” opportunities which aren’t a fit for who you want to become.

Chris Richards, Hypno Coach and Mentor

6. How did your business explode into existence? Was it a logical move of several circumstances?

I won’t go into every job, both Military and Civilian, that I’ve done and all the experiences they gave me because we’ll be here all day, but after deciding Project Management wasn’t really for me as my main role (even though I was more than capable of performing the role) and after reading certain books and attending certain events (Tony Robbins – “Unleash the Power Within” being the main kick off point) …

…for a long time, I tried to be that person who wanted to nail down who am I as a business person, what do I really want to dedicate my life to (specifically) and the old “What’s my WHY?”

…then I realised that in the time I was contemplating all of that, I’d achieved nothing and gotten no further forward with my life.

It was then that I just took every opportunity I could from building e-commerce businesses to investing in events (Les Brown 2015 being one of them), to invest in companies, then finally deciding to be a professional coach since I was doing that anyway with virtually everyone I met who was going through emotional hardships…

Of course, I made a lot of mistakes and thank goodness sought after the best in the business for training. Then, I remembered how fascinated with hypnosis I was as a child (“obsessed” is probably more accurate), and I thought, why not train in that too,

but again,

“if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right”, so I shopped around for the best in evidence-based, Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy as well other absolute experts in Hypnosis as a profession.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

7. Do you have a spicy British formula for achieving success?

Get a coach, mentor, and anyone else who has already achieved what you want to achieve! – Then do the work.
(If you don’t yet know what you want, the coach is even more important!)

Success comes to those who offer the most value to people who want it.

8. How do you typically unwind?

I’m a family man so I love the basics… Cuddles with my baby girl, playing games with my 6-year-old daughter, or simply chilling with my wife, watching a movie as she invariably falls asleep on me. – Bliss! 🙂 

9. Have you had any specific regrets in your life until this day?

No. And that’s all the time I give to the concept of regret.

Everything I’ve done and everyone I’ve met has value… to regret is to rob those moments of their value as you wish something else had occurred but didn’t.

I live in the now with a vision of the future and I’d encourage anyone reading this to do the same.

10. Some of our readers are aspiring, young entrepreneurs. What’s your message for them?

Don’t get bogged down thinking about how you will accomplish something in the “right” way…

If you want something, Go get it.

You will make mistakes and have failures… in fact, that is the only way to succeed

No one ever sits down, works out all the ways it could go wrong, plans a route around the obstacles, and then moves forwards effortlessly… that’s fantasyland!

And lastly, Get a Coach or a Mentor or Both… Someone who has already done what you want to achieve in that area. This will dramatically speed up your success.

Those who say “I’ll get help when I can afford it” are quickly overtaken by those who say “I’ll get help SO I can afford it”… Mentorships and coaching will always pay back much more than what you invest in them if you choose wisely.

Ladies and gentlemen, I was truly fascinated by my interview with the Hypno Coach, Chris Richards. He has definitely taken the bull by the horns and now, he is doing what he loves.

Take his advice and book a session with Chris Richards. Before you do that, you can follow him on Facebook where he regularly live streams. At his website, you can find more information in regards to coaching and mentoring.

Chris Richards, Hypno Coach and Mentor, Public Speaking, Stage
Chris Richards, attending a public speaking event.

Have you checked the previous interviews with young entrepreneurs? If you happen to be one and have a story which you’d love to share, get in touch with me.

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