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Young Entrepreneurs Talk – Toma Kalas

Have you heard of the country of Lithuania? It’s a gorgeous place in the northeastern part of Europe, very close to Russia. Despite its small size, it prides itself on aspiring young entrepreneurs, and, today, we have the great pleasure of meeting one of them.

Her name is Toma Kalas. She is going to share her tips on how to be a young entrepreneur and flirt with the challenges life sends our way every single day. Without further ado, I present to you, Toma Kalas.

  1. Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Toma! Tell us what you are most passionate about in your business.

Hello to you, Svet, and to everybody else!

The best thing about being an entrepreneur is that I can choose my work hours and the way to do my job. Also, I can decide what it is important to me and what I want to achieve. I like products and the possibility to help others. On this topic, I can talk for hours because I love every single thing in my business.

  1. How do you ensure you are different from the competition in your field?

I am being myself. I am so grateful to be in the industry I am in – beauty – because here, we can be all ourselves – unique. Sometimes, I hear that competition with other people is a good thing, but for me –

my main competitor is just myself.

Every day, I want to become a better person than I was a day before. For that, I have no other competitors and I just focus on doing my job.

  1. Do clients find you, or you seek them out?

Both. I am looking for clients, and they find and contact me by themselves.

  1. You are not only a young entrepreneur but also a mother. How do you juggle all your daily tasks?

Yes, I am a mother, too.

At first, it was a bit hard to manage everything. But I have learned to do it. My girls now know when I have to work. I provide them with activities like crafting, colouring, building lego blocks, and so on, while I’m making videos or having important things to do.

I do business through my phone, so it’s easy to be around them all the time and just work. This is another thing why I’m passionate about my business.

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While she is not doing business, Toma Kalas loves to be outside.
  1. Toma, do you have a role model or a person to whom you look up? Who is that person and why you’d make a great duo?

Not quite. I have few people that I follow for learning tips and strategies, as well as for inspirational purposes. My upline – my friend helps a lot, too. And I have my team members. There are a lot of people to whom I am really grateful for my success.

  1. You hail from the Baltic country of Lithuania. Since some of our readers might not know a lot about it, could you share some fascinating facts about your homeland?

Oh, it’s a small country. But I love it.

Winters here are cold with a sparkly hoarfrost.

There are so many nice places to visit: the captivating capital Vilnius, the smaller old towns with remaining historical buildings, the gorgeous seaside. We have some great meals, too.

Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Toma Kalas, Lake, Lithuania
Tom has a beaming smile, which perfectly corresponds to the beautiful, natural background.
  1. What are your vision and mission, and what are you doing to fulfil them, Toma?

To help as many people as I can. I am looking for people who need some inspiration, bits of advice, motivation, or any other help to improve/change their lives for good.

I don’t judge people. Rather, I try to understand and really care about them, so it is easier for them to start trusting me.

I listen and try to find the core reason why one needs anything from what I can suggest. For me, all people are equal and everybody should live their best lives here, on Earth, while we are still alive. Since my early childhood, I have struggled in life a lot and have overcome those challenges successfully. That’s why I am confident in my abilities and business opportunities.

  1. Our well-being strongly depends on having good amounts of rest. How do you unwind?

I’m an owl. And that means that I love to sleep longer in the morning. But

what makes me unwind the most is crafting.

I love to create and decorate things – can do this all day and all night. The process and end results make me very happy and bring me tonnes of energy.

Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Toma Kalas, Gramophone

  1. What is your take on regrets? Do you have any in your life?

I used to have.

Every day, we make decisions. We do things, which, in that given moment, look important or necessary. Later, when we grow up as persons, we tend to think that we regret some things we made, but this is just a learning process. You improve or repeat the same thing over and over again, and then you have a lesson or new thing to regret for.

For me, there are no regrets – just learned lessons.

  1. If you had $1 million to donate to a cause, what would that be and why?

I clearly know where I would put that money.

I would help Native Americans with their water issue, their housing, and other important necessities.


Because we owe them a lot. Europeans destroyed their population, killed their food – bisons – so almost each of the Indians died from starvation. European were to blame also for burning their homes and torturing their kids. The rest of the Native Americans who are still alive are put in horrible conditions in Reservation homes. I feel some kind of responsibility to pay this out and help them as much as I could.

Some people care about puppies, others about kittens, while I have this deep purpose to help Native Americans, so this amount of money would go straight to them.

Thank you very much, Toma Kalas, for this interview. You are a true inspiration!

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