Easter is a celebration to honour the resurrection of Jesus Christ which takes place on a Sunday. It is probably the brightest and greenest springtime festivity for all Christians. Nevertheless, the date for the Orthodox Easter is usually later than the one of other churches in the west.

Origins and Cultivation Guava is a wondrous, tropical fruit that outstrips a host of other fruits with its abundant amounts of vitamins and minerals. It is believed to originate in Central America. Next to its one-of-a-kind flavour and taste, guava has been put forward as one of the super fruits owing that to the enormous […]

Christmas. That time of the year where joy and happiness intertwine with laughter and clinking of glasses. We will gather with family and friends to celebrate together one of the brightest holidays. And the majority of us will not only overdrink but also overeat. I am not going to be your caring mommy and tell you not to […]