Travel Projects

Imagine you have the floor to narrate your travel stories in front of a couple of hundred people for only 6 minutes in 18 slides. That’s both exhilarating and challenging, isn’t it? This is Traveler On Stage (TOS) – an initiative started in 2014 in France.

There is no better feeling (okay gourmet food and passionate intercourse are amazing, too) than volunteering and participating in charitable projects. Those charitable projects that materialise out of pure love for helping people in need. This is why I participated in Project Alpha and why I am going to be part of Project Beta, too. “What […]

The Balkans have gathered momentum in the last several years to become the sixth most-visited travel destination worldwide. However, I am sure there are myriads of people who have not put it on their travel radar yet. Therefore, if you happen to be in Sofia between October 17th and October 18th, I suggest you pay […]

We all have pretty awesome and, often, unforgettable moments from our travels around the globe. We can speak about them for ages and write small novels. However, can we do it in just 50 words? I have contacted several travel bloggers who gladly accepted the daunting challenge and shared their memories.

Some months ago, I got the fantastic idea to revive the postcard exchange – in paper. For this reason, I posted a status on Facebook asking people if they would be interested in participating in such an exchange and, respectively, sending me their postal addresses – in a private message, of course.