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Atlantic City – the Small Vegas

Back in the summer of 2007, while I was working in the United States of America, for 3 ½ months I had plenty of opportunities to visit Atlantic City. The Small Vegas, as it is known, was just an hour away from the small island town where I used to do my daily routines. Therefore, my friends and I seized almost every day off to go there, unwind, buy some diamonds and clothes, and trot its beautiful boardwalks.

I am sure most of you, my readers, have heard of Atlantic City, but you already know that I always provide some basic facts about the place, so here goes.

Situated in the small “Garden State” of New Jersey, Atlantic City is a resort town very well-known for its beaches, boardwalks, and, of course, shiny casinos. It has a relatively small population of around 40,000 people but is dotted with its glitzy nightclubs and ostentatious high-rise hotels. It is pretty obvious, but, yes, the small town is gracefully embracing the Atlantic Ocean.

Curious Historical Facts about Atlantic City

Boardwalks are cool. No doubt about that. 1870 saw the first built boardwalk in the city. Hotel owners’ beautiful effort to keep the sand on the beach and out of their lobbies was successful and soon the boardwalk was further expanded in both width and length. Just before the sweeping Great Atlantic Hurricane in 1944, the boardwalk’s length was 7 miles (11 km).

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Old Boardwalk Crowd, 1911
The boardwalk in 1911 – teeming with people.

By the year 1878, many hotels, not impressive in size but utterly opulent, sprung up all over the city.

Salt water taffy! Yes, it was conceived in Atlantic City around the 1880s. For those of you who don’t know what it is – water, sugar, salt, butter, glycerine, corn-starch, and corn syrup unite in a candy which is further infused with different flavourings ranging from watermelon, mint or raspberry through vanilla, banana, and maple to lemon and liquorice. Here is how to prepare it.

The early 20th century observed a construction boom and large hotels replaced the houses dotting the boardwalk.

Modern Atlantic City

Enough with the facts. Contemporary Atlantic City is crisscrossed by large boulevards sternly overlooked by luxurious hotels, housing casinos and spa centres. Okay, one more thing – casino gambling was not legalised until 1974. Along with The Meadows (Las Vegas), both “sin” cities are the only two places where you can legally gamble in the United States.

Time for some photos.

Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Svet and Tsvetan, Hot Weather
Svet and Tsvetan. First impressions.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Svet and Tsvetan, Around AC's Streets
We hid under a tree since the weather in summer is quite hot.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Ballys Hotel
Around the hotels of the resort.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Caesars Casino. Luxurious Hotel
One of the most famous hotels in AC – Caesars.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Caesars Casino Hotel, Horses
Svet, the horse rider.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Limousine Ride
We travelled in class.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, In Front of Trump Plaza Hotel, Taj Mahal
In front of some of Trump’s many hotels.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Inside a Casino, Golden Chandeliers
Inside the casinos, even the chandeliers were covered in gold. Or were they?
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Live Nude Show Shop, Around the Boulevards
Wandering around the streets of AC – Live Nude Show!
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Svet on the Boardwalk, East Coast
The best boardwalk on the East Coast.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Victoria's Secret Shop
Before going home, we hit the shops. Victoria, I love you!
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Focus on Buttocks, Finger, Svet and Neli
This photo is worth another blog post :)))) Is the focus on the buttocks, the finger or on us?
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA, Sunset over the Atlantic Ocean
A melting sunset over the Atlantic.


Have you been to The Small Vegas? Did you gamble? How much did you lose? :))

12 comments on “Atlantic City – the Small Vegas

  1. Laura @ Grassroots Nomad

    This looks like so much fun! I would love to visit for a weekend, thanks for the great tips 🙂

  2. Chantell

    Very funny photo captions. Although I feel very bad for the girl whose butt is showing :O. I only went to Atlantic City once and it was raining so we only hung out inside the casino. Great to see how it looks in the sunshine. Thanks!

    • Svet

      Haha, thanks! I am a funny guy 😛 Well, yes, it is not the best sight, but nevertheless, it is a funny photo. I guess any place looks better when the sun is happy and shining. Thanks for reading!

  3. Pinay Flying High

    Have you seen the TV series the Boardwalk Empire? It’s all about the mafia bootlegging history and apparently, Atlantic City is the hub of it all. I loved it and it made me want to go to Atlantic City to see the historic boardwalk. Your photo at the boardwalk reminded me so much of it.

    And what is up with that butt and the finger? :p

    • Svet

      No, actually, I have not, but you really sparked my interest. I have heard, however, of some criminal activities in Atlantic City. I’ll give it a try.

      I am not sure what is up and I am not sure which finger it is which makes it so much funnier! :)))

  4. Marteen

    Get you buying diamonds! Very swag 😜 I now have the song Under The Boardwalk by The Drifters stuck in my head from you mentioning boardwalks 😂 On a more serious note, what did you think of this Small Vegas?

    • Svet

      Haha, yes, there was a sale so I took advantage of it! Well, it is not the best place I have ever been to, but I enjoyed it since it was the closest place to where I worked which offered shopping malls. Other than that, not too impressed 🙂

      I loved the boardwalk, though!

  5. WyldfamilyTravel (@wyldfamtravel)

    Great pictures, Atlantic City always seems to pale in comparison with Vegas. It has a great history and would be great to visit

    • Svet

      Thank you! Yes, Atlantic City always seems to outstrip Vegas. I really enjoyed writing about its history and certainly there are some spots worth visiting – besides being better placed than the Nevada desert :))

  6. Dirk / Critic in transit

    Great article! Atlantic City looks like a lot of fun.

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