Transform from Playing Small to Playing Big

Are you aware why most people nose-dive when it comes to achieving what they want in life? It’s simple – because they haven’t transformed from playing small to playing big. In an effort to play big, one has to completely annihilate the almost ubiquitous mindset.

The Hard Truth: We Have Been Taught to Play Small

And that mindset has been instilled in the vast majority of the world’s population.

School inculcates us to play safe, to abide by the “conventional” rules, and not to leave our comfort zones.

Television narrates that we “live in difficult times”. Irrespective of the channel, there will be something bad and chances are, it’s going to get worse, or so it prophesies. Again, this drills in more of the “play small” sentiment. At some point, it just camps in our minds and starts hatching more of its contaminated larvae.

People, somehow, are okay with playing small. Don’t get me wrong – every single achievement is worth celebrating, but that mustn’t stop us from expanding the horizon and seeing the bigger picture.

If we don’t escalate, we won’t be able to emulate.

In an effort to contend with the ever-growing, ultra-fierce competition, streaming from everywhere, we must commit to a new-fangled and very different mindset that will completely shatter the old one in minuscule pieces.

The Transformation – Stop Playing Small and Start Playing Big

In fact, there are some very basic spells with which we should buff ourselves to annihilate the wretched mindset and achieve unremitting and mind-boggling success.

Actually, it might be mind-blowing for some, but for others, which are accustomed to playing big, it’s an everyday occurrence.

I am not going to lie to you. It takes considerable amounts of assiduous efforts, teems of motivation and patience, as well as time. But we can get there.

Below, you will discover some tips on how to finally commence playing big:

  • Delete the weak words, phrases, and sentences:
  • Words like “small”, “tiny”, and “negligible”.
  • Phrases such as “something small”, “something insignificant”, “nothing big”.
  • Sentences like “I want something small”, “I can’t do it”, “I will never be that good”, “I am not ready”.

The list is not all-encompassing, but we perceive the idea.

  • Install the software for big words, phrases, and sentences:
  • Words such as “huge”, “significant”, and “revolutionising”.
  • Phrases like “something big”, “a mind-boggling idea”, “an epic product”.
  • Sentences such as “I am ready”, “I am capable of achieving XX by YY”, “My product will revolutionise the entire market”.

Before you continue, try practising by adjusting the big words, charged phrases, and revolutionising sentences to your own situation.

These will be the people that will show their relentless support, that will criticise you openly and constructively, and that will push you forward when your motivation is losing its momentum.

Playing big, BBS show, motivation

The whole idea boils down to incising the malicious mindset and supplanting it with the “playing big” software. You basically necessitate reprogramming the entire, inner computer code.

Let’s hustle together towards unrelenting success!

P.S.: Thanks, Rita, for the inspiration and for being my accountability partner!


How to transform from playing small to playing BIG

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