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  1. Alex

    I wouldn’t say that Estonian is predominant in Tallin. 50 percent speak Estonian while the rest in Russian. But cute test nonetheless :))

  2. Buddy

    Nice quiz. Don’t change a thing, just use words like “mostly, majority, etc.” Because even the details get lost in translation. The actual percentage is 64.6% Estonian, the rest is a mixture of Russian, Finnish, Ukrainian and Belarusian, just saying, don’t beat yourself up. I grew up in Europe, and every time I came back to the states my friends always wanted to hold a dinner party so I can tell them of my adventures and people I met and the traditions, foods, etc. So if USA can get some good info from sites like this, you are doing your part in educating (further) our young and old people. Good job.

    • Svet

      Thanks very much for playing it and for bringing these comments. I will chance some things and I am very happy that you enjoyed it, and it will help educating some further.

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