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Young Entrepreneurs Talk – Maria Rosaria di Lecce

Have you noticed all those irresistibly well-worded Facebook ads that pop-up every day on your feed? And how about the contents of some websites that just make you stop scrolling and actually read what’s on them?

How does this enthralling word sorcery happen – we will learn in today’s episode with Maria Rosaria di Lecce. Also known as Rosie, she hails from the drop-dead gorgeous country of Italy, and she has prepared for us some very piquant facts about her, as well as how to start your business career smoothly.

Let’s see what her Italian kitchen has ‘cooked’ for us.

  1. Dear Rosie, make yourself comfortable on the entrepreneurial seat and share with us why you’ve left your regular job. Was it freedom, money, or both that you were after?

My dear Svet, what a pleasure to sit and chat with you. 🙂

Well, the decision to quit my job was firstly an inner urge for freedom; a freedom not only of time and place but also a financial and creative freedom. I need different inputs on the daily, and sitting in a cubicle was never really my thing –

I never worked full-time and it was a conscious decision to keep my creativity alive and to keep expressing who I am and what I enjoy.

You can definitely say that freedom is important to me.

  1. You are a copywriter. Could you explain what that means for the people who are not aware, and what makes you stand out from all the other copywriters out there?

A copywriter is someone who turns words into magic, for the purpose of advertising and marketing. As a copywriter, you get to write slogans, brochures, website copy, articles in magazines, billboards, etc. It is the kind of work that requires not only creativity but also an understanding of marketing and buyers’ psychology.

In the ocean of copywriters out there,

I stand out because I really focus on the emotional part of writing copy.

All of my copy starts from an emotional place, and it is aimed at triggering a very specific emotion in the reader. It is a challenging process, but being a sensitive person myself, I really enjoy it.

Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Maria Rosaria di Lecce, Rosie, Coffee and Smile, Daily Routine
Armed with a beaming smile, Rosie can really tap into the emotional part of copywriting.
  1. How do you secure new clients? Do they contact you or you look for them?

It goes both ways! A lot of times, clients simply refer me to people in their network, other times, instead, I do an acquisition. If you have your own business, it is essential to go out there and actively look for new clients, and it can be fun to get on calls and connect with others.

  1. We, entrepreneurs, lead busy lives. How do you cope with the legions of errands on a daily basis?

I try my best to use a planner and organise my days with to-do lists for both my work and personal life.

Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Maria Rosaria di Lecce, Rosie, Content Planner, Laptop
Don’t stress – just hire Rosie to craft your copy. 🙂
  1. Rosie, do you have a role model? If so, why do you believe a collaboration between you two will be outstanding?

I have to be honest, Svet, I don’t really have just ONE role model.

I always say that I am inspired by anyone who goes out there and has the courage to make his or her dreams come true. It takes courage, sacrifice, hard work, and focus!

If I would have to pick just one person though, I will admit I have a big crush on Beyoncé and everything she does – music- and business-wise. I am not sure a collaboration between me and Beyoncé would ever be possible, but hey, if it could ever happen, I would love to write lyrics for her. I have never publicly talked about this before, but

I used to write poems and lyrics, and a couple of my things actually became songs!

  1. You are what some people will define as ‘a polyglot.’ How many languages do you speak and do you have any tips for people who aspire to be able to communicate in different lingoes?

I fluently speak 3 languages – Italian, English and Dutch. I can speak a bit of Spanish and I used to speak Arabic, too.

What really helped me to learn new languages was actually my love for music. The rhythm and the singing-along can really help you expand your vocabulary and train your ear for new sounds. So if you like music, it is definitely a valid tool to help you learn quicker!

Also, in the beginning, it is important that you accept that you are going to look and sound like a fool – and that’s alright! It’s all part of the process and it is essential to become fluent!

  1. Do you have a sexy, Italian formula for achieving success in business?

That’s a very good question. The formula:

  • Surround yourself with family and friends who support you, and are in your corner at all times.
  • Dress with and in style to feel confident and impress clients and partners.
  • Eat genuine, home-made, Italian food to stay healthy and keep your energy level high!

I know it sounds all clichés, but I swear that this is part of my formula… the rest is a secret!

  1. In order to be productive, we all need a proper rest. How do you unwind and recharge your creative, copywriting juices?

I do different things: I dance, I sing, I do yoga, I do tons of creative things, like sewing and painting, I read, and most importantly, I take time to be with the people I care about.

Oh yeah, and from time to time, I simply put my phone offline to rest and enjoy some time in complete silence.

Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Maria Rosaria di Lecce, Rosie, Sitting on the Stairs, Smile
Put your phone down for a second and admire the beauty of Rosie.
  1. Up until this very moment, have you had any regrets whatsoever?

A couple here and there, maybe too few to mention! But business-wise,

I definitely regret not starting my own business even earlier on!

  1. Imagine you’d been given $5 million, but there’s a catch. You have to spend all of it on your business. What would you do?

That’s a lot!

I would probably start off by investing in coaches and mentors – they are a big part of success! Then, I would create a team of people I can trust, I would invest in more advertising, and probably I would start different brands under the same company. As I said, I need different inputs on the daily, so I am pretty sure I wouldn’t be just happy to run one single business!

One can easily identify how passionate Maria Rosaria di Lecce is about helping others and expanding her business. If you’d like to expand your copywriting skills, I highly suggest Rosie’s Facebook Group. There, you will find tips, helpful advice, as well as interviews with truly magnificent entrepreneurs in the every more exciting field of digital marketing.

If you’d like to get your business a voice, stop by her website or simply follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Rosie also offers copywriting coaching, so if you are considering mastering your copy, that’s also a viable option.

Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Maria Rosaria di Lecce, Rosie, Sitting, Desk, Notebooks
Copywriting is an art, and Rosie is an artist with a specific charm. Thank you for being our guest.

Have you derived inspiration and knowledge from the previous interviews I had with young entrepreneurs?

If you are also one, let’s have a chat!

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