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Young Entrepreneurs Talk – Stoyan Yankov

While marketers are exploring new creative ways to entice audiences, video has established itself as a substantial part of the strategic dialogue.

The most recent statistics show that entrepreneurs who make use of video amass profits 49% more quickly than non-video marketers. Additionally, almost 52% of professionals in marketing on a global scale select “video” as the content type with the best Return on Investment (ROI).

Today, in the new episode of Young Entrepreneurs Talk, we are conversing with Stoyan Yankov, an award-winning film-maker, a productivity coach, and a keynote speaker.

  1. Welcome to the young entrepreneurial seat, Stoyan! Can you share with us how you make the world a better place with your services?

For a number of years, I’ve worked as a film and video producer, helping companies grow their business through video marketing and digital campaigns.

Today, my focus is on my biggest passion – helping companies and people to get the best out of their time. Our time is precious and limited! And I believe mastering the ability to allocate it most effectively is one of the most crucial skills today.

I work with companies, giving workshops and individual coaching sessions with an overall goal to improve productivity, performance, and motivation. I also speak at conferences internationally. And I have my coaching clients on an individual basis. I live everything I teach, and I am the happiest person alive!

  1. How do you perceive competition? Do you believe it’s vital for success?

I believe competition is crucial for growth. One should never “fall asleep” and stop innovating and growing. Competitors can be very motivating! And also inspiring.

Stoyan Yankov, Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Conversing with a Colleague, Denmark
Stoyan Yankov, conversing with the “competition”.

Nobody reinvents the wheel. And you can always get inspired by an idea from the market. The way they create products, the way they market and sell, the way they serve their clients. I am very opportunity-driven and I have often partnered with my competitors.

We are all different and if we join forces, we can create even more value to the marketplace.

  1. Do your clients find you or you seek them out? How does it work?

It goes both ways.

Initially, I was the one reaching out for the most part. I have a fairly large network of contacts and have landed my first clients through referrals and personal network. Drinking lots of coffee with potential ideal clients, and asking for an honest advice and feedback on my products and pricing models. That gave me a chance to:
– 1. Become more clear on packaging it in a way that serves their needs better.
– 2. Spread the word about it in a very non-threatening way.
Lately, I have been approached more and more often.

But I am of course also reaching out.

I believe in the honest approach – to get curious to know your potential clients, what their strategic plans and current challenges are. And only offer them a solution if you truly believe they will get more than what they pay for.

  1. How do you cope with all your numerous daily errands?

As entrepreneurs, there’s so much stuff thrown at our direction, so that effective prioritization and self-discipline become keys to success.

I learned, early on, that it’s about focus!

Today, I spend 45-60 minutes every day reflecting on the past day and strategizing the next one, carefully determining all potential objectives and prioritizing the high impact ones in my calendar. It’s then easy to approach the next day.

I also recently acquired a number of daily routines, some of which are:

Stoyan Yankov, Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Work in Action, Daily Routine
– Drinking max 1 cup of coffee a day (before noon).
– Meditating 30 minutes first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.
– Switching off my digital devices 30 minutes before bed and turning them on at 08:00 AM, the earliest.
– Drinking at least 2.5 l of water.
– Keeping a gratitude journal.
– Going to bed by 09:30 PM.

I’m not always perfect, but I am doing my best. 🙂

Overall, I can feel the quality of my sleep increased and now, I wake up quite early and have TONS of energy. Seriously – a total game changer. Sleep had been a major challenge for me before.

  1. Who is your role model, Stoyan, and why you’d be a fascinating team?

I couldn’t say I have one role model. I try to learn from everyone I meet.

Usually, if I want to master any life or business skill, I research who are the best ones and try to see what they do. Often, I will reach out to people, ask them out for coffee or lunch (or “meet” them online if they live far away) and I will be curious how are they so successful at what they do?

I will ask a number of questions, get inspired, and try out what I find relevant for me. That brought me to creating outstanding contacts and I recommend to everyone to try it out.

To name a few role models, I have been following a number of speakers and experts in productivity:
– Tony Robbins
– Brian Tracy
– Tim Ferriss
– David Allen
– Peter Bregman
– Darren Hardy
– Gary Vaynerchuk
– Lewis Howes

Why would we be a fascinating team?

Because I have a never-ending energy to grow, share, and inspire!

I look forward to teaming up with some of them and making something extraordinary!!!

  1. You are Bulgarian, but you live in Denmark. What do you like about living in the Scandinavian country, and what do you miss from Bulgaria?

Denmark is an outstanding country! I love the minimalistic way of living. Things here are calm, structured, and cozy. One can easily organize their life and business. Denmark is a very innovative country with a wonderful sense of design and creativity. The standard is high and so is the level of education. People are nice and polite.

What do I miss? My friends and family, the food, the climate (sorry, Denmark! 🙂 ), the beautiful nature, the spontaneity and easiness of making friends, the humor and the social life. I was born and raised in Bulgaria and try to go back as much as I can.

  1. I know you enjoy playing video games. Have they helped you in your business?

Haha. I guess that came from our chat about HOMM3 online?

The truth is, I haven’t played games since high school. I recently met someone on the plane playing HOMM3 on an IPAD and wanted to play it too. It was fun for a few hours, but I think that’s going to be it for now.

As an entrepreneur, I work long hours and prefer to spend the rest of the time in fun and recreational activities. Games require focus. I prefer to watch a movie, but it’s very rare these days, too.

  1. A successful entrepreneur cannot do without resting. How do you typically unwind?

Very well said. Recharging your batteries is as important as hustling to the limit!

The answer can be broken into two:
– First of all, on a daily basis – it’s so important to take breaks and recharge.
And I have to admit, I am still working on that. We, entrepreneurs, are so passionate about our businesses, that we can work hours and hours without any stops. The truth is, we are not being productive. Taking small but consistent breaks definitely helps me.
– Secondly, when I feel I need a break, I have my own ways to recharge. I might stay in bed and listen to audiobooks or podcasts. I also love to take long walks in nature. Or connect with good friends. And as I mentioned – watching movies. Weirdly, if I’ve been running full speed for a while, planning and strategizing could give me energy and calm me too.

  1. What is your take on regrets? Do you have any so far?

It’s funny – a friend of mine said to me the other day:

Keep going full speed and no regrets, bro”.

I think, I relate to it somehow. All things happen somehow to make us grow.

When we take a wrong decision or something bad happens, it’s easy to feel down and sorry for yourself. The truth is, we don’t know how the whole story will unfold. And how everything will open up for us. Steve Jobs once said:

You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.

I don’t have any regrets. I’m grateful for all the lessons and I keep moving forward.

  1. What would be your advice for people who aspire to ditch their dead-end 9-5 jobs and enter the adrenaline-charged world of entrepreneurship?

Get ready for a rollercoaster! 🙂

I believe they should carefully approach this journey. And preferably keep their full-time job (or start working part-time if that’s a possibility), while building the business.

It takes time to launch the rocket. I learned it firsthand.

Stay focused on your vision! And be flexible!

I think Mark Zuckerberg had a slogan:

“Move fast and break things.”

I didn’t understand it at first. But it’s so true. I see so many startups “married” to their product and unable to adapt to the market. Don’t be perfect. Be a fast mover. It’s hard to know all the answers before putting yourself out there. So, be open to fail and learn in the short-term race so that you get ready to win the marathon.

Stoyan Yankov, Young Entrepreneurs Talk, Event Talk, Keynote Speaker

Stoyan Yankov’s approach towards challenges and life is contagious. Let’s drink from his motivating, entrepreneurial cocktail by checking out his website, and following him on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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