Project Beta - Taste the World is a Charitable Project

Project Beta – Taste the World

There is no better feeling (okay gourmet food and passionate intercourse are amazing, too) than volunteering and participating in charitable projects. Those charitable projects that materialise out of pure love for helping people in need. This is why I participated in Project Alpha and why I am going to be part of Project Beta, too.

“What are these projects, dear Svet?” you would ask. Well, thanks for kindly requesting my clarifications.


Project Alpha was about a “Trip that Changed My Life” where 70+ travellers and I wrote our stories about a journey that has had an enormous (or at least some) impact on your lives and that completely shattered our view of the surrounding world.

There were stories about American Peace Corps envoys in Africa, best advice received in the verdant jungles of Thailand, salivating on duck brains in China, a visit to the Picasso Museum, and so many more.

Project Alpha - parerback book - The Trip that Changed my life
This is the result of the concerted efforts of 70+ writers – paperback version.

Project Alpha aired on Indiegogo and 180 backers donated for the book production. 100% of the money collected via the sale of the book were donated to the charities Unbound and Save the Children. 3 versions were initially printed – an E-book, a 6×9 paperback version, as well as a 9×12 full-colour coffee table version.

Project Alpha - coffee table version - The Trip that Changed My life
This is the full-colour coffee table version of Project Alpha which is not available anymore.

Despite that the coffee table version is no longer available, you can purchase the other two from Amazon. As always, 100% of all funds will be for people in need. So, waste no more time now and pick the book up to immerse yourself into a funnel of amazing stories from all parts of the world! Adventure lurks around the corner of the page.


Now, if I got you really inspired about purchasing the book and even more for taking part in the new Project Beta, listen carefully.

Project Beta will be a delectable project. We all know food is an integral part of travelling. It is an epitome of hedonism, profligacy, and self-indulgence (in their purest and most innocent ways).

It is quietly sipping full-bodied wine while drooling over the scrumptious skin of a Peking duck.

It is salivating over a purely divine smoothie which consists of succulent fruits and/or vegetables.

It is just having a hint of the gorgeous smell of a freshly-baked pastry that makes you drool like a little girl over an ice-cream stall.

CONVINCED? Should I continue my rant?

Project Beta will be again a charitable project, uniting world travellers to share their unique pieces of food experience. All donations will go to Action against Hunger. The charity is top-rated as 93% of all donations are used for the programmes.

According to stats from the World Food Programme, around 800 million people are without sufficient amounts of food. That’s 1 in every 9 people on Earth – so disturbing!

How to Take Part in Project Beta?

You can contribute to the project with a story; you can be an Ambassador; you can become a Local Partner/Sponsor. A minimum amount of $100 is required to be deemed a champion or a sponsor.

The theme of the project, as I mentioned, is food and it should be a piece of experience that you have been through.

To take part, the requirements are the following:

  • A deliciously written story between 800 and 1,200 words.
  • A 3-5 minutes video where you narrate your tasty story with awesome photo and music (the video should be exclusive for the project so no publishing on other places, such as YouTube);
  • Make sure you include between 2 and 8 pictures so all our readers start dripping saliva. If they are not your own, make sure to provide the source.
  • Giving some tips for others on how to experience what you have experienced is optional but highly recommended.

For more information about the project – Taste the World – visit the creator’s web page and you can sign up there. Remember, this time, the book will be an enhanced e-book!

Let’s make the lives of other people a hint more enjoyable. Are you joining?

10 comments on “Project Beta – Taste the World

  1. Danni

    So nice to hear that the Project Alpha book could raise money for charity. Those are some really worthy causes too, and it sounds like the book had some crazy adventures. You have a real talent for describing food deliciously!

    • Svet

      Thanks very much for your comments, Danielle! It really was a fun and very noble initiative and I am going to take part in the second project with the utmost of pleasure. Do you want to be a part of it, too?

  2. Daphne from Girlswanderlust

    I love this idea! Great to combine all the stories and publish a book from it. Must be wonderful reading. I agree that volunteering and participating in charitable projects is wonderful!

    • Svet

      Hey, Daphne! Thanks very much. You can buy the book and read for yourself or make history by joining us for Project Beta. Are you in? 🙂

  3. wyldfamilytravel

    what a great idea and a great cause. Hope the next book is as succesfull as the first keep up the good work

  4. Nisha

    What a lovely cause, thought and initiative it is! Loved the idea of compiling all the stories and publishing a book. I do a lot of volunteering and can imagine the pain at the back end.

    • Svet

      Thanks very much, Nisha! It really is a lot of work, but it is so worth it! Wanna join this one or you are too overloaded?

  5. Sandy N Vyjay

    It was a pleasure being associated with Project Alpha. Hope to be associated with Beta too. A great project with a noble objective and lots of fun for all. All the best for this endeavour!

    • Svet

      It was a pleasure to have you, Sandy n Vijay! I saw you are signed up for Project Beta – so excited to work with you again! 🙂 All the best to you and see you soon 🙂

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