The autumn has already cosily settled in, and soon enough winter will be assiduously knocking on our doors. Despite all their beauties, these seasons bring along massive amounts of viruses. This is a good opportunity to include garlic, one of the best disease-preventive foods, together with ginger, in our everyday diets if it is not […]

Food Have you heard of the popular saying – I cannot afford to eat cheap food. Why? Because it is more expensive in the long term and because it would probably entail visiting your medical specialist more regularly. Of course, the adjective “cheap” is synonymous with any food of poor quality, because cheap is not necessarily […]

October in Sofia, Bulgaria, greets us with a smile. Bright and sunny, slightly covered in occasional clouds, smile. I have always found it easier to wake up in the presence of a generous sun with the drapes shut so that the room fills up with light. Probably a lot of you feel the same way. […]

“Everything good is found in ginger.” Indian proverb   There are several foods I regard as panaceas – Aloe Vera, garlic, turmeric, and ginger. Today I am going to dwell on the last one. But before I start, I would briefly explain what panacea means. In Greek mythology, Panacea (or Panakeia) was the Goddess of […]