A good part of the world adjusted its clock to Winter Time at the end of October which added light to the morning, but made staying up late at work even more challenging. Motivation, like many other things, fades away [sometimes] more quickly than it has come. If it is not fuelled regularly, anxiety and uncertainty […]

Food Have you heard of the popular saying – I cannot afford to eat cheap food. Why? Because it is more expensive in the long term and because it would probably entail visiting your medical specialist more regularly. Of course, the adjective “cheap” is synonymous with any food of poor quality, because cheap is not necessarily […]

It is of utmost importance, in hectic situations, when you think you have had enough, and when your momentary frenzy dances in its highest values, to calm your annoyance with a new dose-shot of patience. Why immerse into nerve-racking emotions or produce negative thoughts when that could adversely influence you and tip off the already […]