United States of America – The Ultimate Quiz

  • NYC atlas statue
  • miami fontainebleau
    Despite that Fortune Cookies are served in Chinese restaurants across the U.S., they are not a Chinese invention.
  • miami downtown
  • Central Park Middle Manhattan
    HINT: The state's name is one word, not two.
    HINT: No access to an ocean, a gulf, or a bay.
  • miami south beach sky pool
  • NYC architecture
  • miami sunshine city
  • miami venetian pool
    For 2016 in chained 2009 U.S. dollars.
  • rockefeller center
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2 comments on “United States of America – The Ultimate Quiz

  1. Edwin Abbey

    Hey bud, thought for sure Florida was going to be the most dense karst region, but the key word is density. Lots of non karst region in Florida as well.

    • Svet

      Hey, Edwin! Yeah, the Everglades are a karst region, aren’t they? 🙂 Thanks for your comment and I hope you enjoyed the quiz 🙂

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