You know all those glamorous photos on Instagram through which you browse every day and marvel with open jaws, wondering who’s behind those gorgeously arranged accounts. Today, I have the enormous pleasure to present you one of the most humble, genuine, and inspiring people who is a proud owner of such an account. She is an […]

Stop working. Start Travelling. In an effort to achieve that, however, you must, first of all, start investing heavily in yourself. Why heavily, though? Because to invest in yourself does take a lot of effort, but it pays off immensely and in the end, you are going to rejoice cheerfully.

Despite the fact that there are more women than men in Europe, female entrepreneurs are only a third of the self-employed in the European Union (EU). If we have to speak in numbers, women are 52% of the entire EU population, but they represent only around 34% of those who are self-employed and about 30% […]

I got carried away today – every once in a while, you will remember to post something here and there. I was browsing today through my photos, looking for a smoothie picture, and while doing that, I copied at least 5-6 different (non-smoothie) photos to my desktop in order to share on my different social […]