She is crazy, she is sexy, she is fun. She is crazysexyfuntraveler. But don’t be mistaken by these three adjectives. She’s so much more than that, and today you’re going to meet a truly wonderful, genuine, and caring human being. Her name is Alexandra Kovacova and she finds adoration in travelling, healthy living, and swimming/doing yoga […]

We all have pretty awesome and, often, unforgettable moments from our travels around the globe. We can speak about them for ages and write small novels. However, can we do it in just 50 words? I have contacted several travel bloggers who gladly accepted the daunting challenge and shared their memories.

I got carried away today – every once in a while, you will remember to post something here and there. I was browsing today through my photos, looking for a smoothie picture, and while doing that, I copied at least 5-6 different (non-smoothie) photos to my desktop in order to share on my different social […]