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Young Entrepreneurs Talk – Sushmita Jain

India recently surpassed 1.3 billion people. In this ocean of people, there’s a Business Strategist whose authenticity and unpretentiousness are beyond compare. Today, we are conversing with Sushmita Jain and how she ditched the 9 to 5 and established her business. Now, she is on a mission to help you do the same.

  1. Dear Sushmita, welcome to the entrepreneurial seat. Why did you choose the life of a businessperson and why do believe you are successful?

Hello, Svet, firstly, I would like to thank you for featuring me on your “Young Entrepreneurs Talk”.

I decided to be a Business Person due to my deepest desire to be my own Boss and work on projects I choose. To be honest, when I did begin my journey 7 years ago, I knew nothing. It was only the desire of creating a business of my own, which pushed me at every stage of my journey. I must confess that I started just like an amateur. It was my journey, which shaped me to become who I am.

Today, if you ask me, my work and developments are no more centred around me. It’s more about helping others on their Entrepreneurial journey since I know how difficult it is to take the journey alone, just like I did.

When it comes to Business success, I believe people are successful when they are staying in business and upscaling. The day they give up all they have worked on – that is the end of the game!

  1. How do you tackle the competition that has become incredibly sleazy lately? Are you doing something “dirty” to stick among others?

Despite that the completion may be sleazy out there, my secret weapons (which I am about to disclose 😉 ) are my uniqueness and empathy. This is what helps me make my way ahead.

I am not a fan of dirty politics. If I had been, then a corporate rat race would have been a better choice, right?  : – )

Sushmita Jain, Business Strategiest, Arranging Candles
Sush, arranging candles.
  1. Do you attract your customers or they seek you?

With entrepreneurship on the rise, there are many raw, unpolished wantrepreneurs out there who are trying to make their own mark or build an Identity. Hence, mostly based on the content I share on social media platforms people tend to contact me.

Earlier, though, when I was working on my offline mode, I used to get Clients based on current Client referrals, as well.

One might deduce that mostly, they seek me. After our initial contact, I look to understanding them and their burning issue better in order to help them out specifically.

  1. Business people usually have hectic lifestyles. How do you cope with all your daily tasks?

I am someone who is obsessed with planning & scheduling. Hence, when it comes to my everyday life, I do have daily, weekly, as well as monthly to-do lists.

However, I have experienced all work and no play makes me dull, therefore when it comes to recharging myself, I take time out to have some time spent with my love and family. Like catching up a movie or going out for dinners.

Music, books & sea are other stress busters for me.

  1. With whom you’d adore to co-operate? Why?

I love collaborations and when it comes to working with someone I adore, must say it would be to work or partner with someone who is self-made against all the odds like Dwayne Johnson or Lilly Singh.

*Dwayne Johnson is also known as “The Rock”. An American actor, he is also a third generation professional wrestler.

*Lily Singh is a Canadian YouTube persona, comedian, vlogger, actress, and writer. On YouTube, she is known by IISuperwomanII.

  1. You had a 9-5 job. Why did you bravely ditch it?

Working on my 9-5 was a great experience for me. It was back then when I realised I was never designed to be restricted.

I never wanted to be a part of a system, which said to follow others and be the Breed of Cloned researchers or Engineers like most of us as kids were IMPRESSIONED based on our society.

I wanted to be a free bird, looking forward to exploring the horizon and later, I decided to guide others how to take the courageous flight, as well.

  1. Just like Indian food is spicy, I bet your formula for success is spicy, too, isn’t it?

That’s right! Indian food is spicy indeed. However, when it comes to my formula for success, I believe in staying true to our roots, yet learning & growing with time.

That can help us big time.

  1. We all need a break from our wild business days? How do you chill out?

Chilling out is easy for me. If I have a day or some time off for me, it’s all about either exploring or spending time by the sea. I just cannot get enough of its endless beauty. Vitamin D, too.

Sushmita Jain, Business Strategiest, Lake View, Hanging out
Sush loves hanging by the water.
  1. What are your regrets until today if you have any?

Every experience is vital and has helped me shape myself. It has made me stronger, too. With this said, I have no regrets whatsoever.

  1. Our audience would love to receive some advice for starting a business. What’s the single most crucial thing about the process?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs rather than working on their strengths focus on trends, which I would like to pull the readers back from!

The single most crucial thing about the process of starting up is to find yourself first, find your passion, and mix it up with your knowledge. That’s how you will love and enjoy your work.

Sushmita Jain, Business Strategiest, Purse, People

I have always been flabbergasted by Sushmita Jain and her unaldurated genuineness. Her way of expressing herself is truly captivating and her planning & scheduling skills could easily outstrip even the most organised persons.

She is a true hustler in the best sense of the word. Sushmita is a Business Strategist, so if you are looking for a coach to propel your business forward, consider talking to Sushmita Jain.

To learn more about her, you can explore her personal website. Sush, as her friends call her, is the founder of the Creative Originators Facebook Group. Besides her Facebook Page where she does live streaming, she is also very active on Periscope and Instagram.

Let’s take your business to a new level.

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9 comments on “Young Entrepreneurs Talk – Sushmita Jain

  1. launchingthedream

    “The single most crucial thing about the process of starting up is to find yourself first, find your passion, and mix it up with your knowledge.” Well said. Though, I don’t agree entirely with the remark that 9-5 people are “Breed of Cloned researchers or Engineers.” Without those people, the world wouldn’t run. So, don’t bash the hands that feed you and make things possible for you to run off and start your own business.

    • Svet

      Hung, I think Sushmita was quoting the reality in India and this was supposed to be funny. I should have posted the image she shared with me.

      I had a conversation with an acquaintance on Facebook soon and we talked about the so-called “masses”. She spoke about them and kind of bashed me, but I reminded her kindly that it’s them who feed us.

      Your remarks are always on point and I wholeheartedly thank you for them!

  2. mirela16

    A great post! I like your text and your positivity! Nice that you help many people😍😍

  3. Sushmita Jain

    Hello dear, I did not intent to bash the hands that feed us, all I mean is if there are few pathfinders let them explore do not make them follow the trails left by others 🙂

  4. Sushmita Jain

    Thank you Mirela! <3

    I bet you enjoyed what you just read! Share what impressed you most.

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