Bulgaria – the Ultimate Quiz

  • bulgaria koprivshtica
  • bulgarian vine fields
  • bulgarian yoghurt
  • home-made lyutenitsa
    It'll probably become "The Spa Capital of Europe" soon.
  • whole-wheat banitsa
  • kukeri pernik bulgaria
  • nestinarstvo nestinari
  • bulgarian women
    TIP: Not only civil.
  • bulgarian folk dancing horo
    You should know this if you are coming to visit Bulgaria soon.
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4 comments on “Bulgaria – the Ultimate Quiz

  1. Stelko

    None of the possible answers of the question regarding the airports is correct.
    Bulgaria has 4 (5 with G. Oriahovitsa acting as an emergency airport) international airports and a WAY more military + agricultural airports.
    Just think of D. Mitropolia, Krumovo, Graf Ignatievo and Bezmer.

    • Svet

      That’s true, there might be many more, but I have used data from CIA. If you can provide me with a better source, I’d update the answers.

  2. Bistra | The Magic of Traveling

    Don’t know about the test, but I definitely agree with my grade “Mavrud Connoisseur”.
    I know about Mavrud…I mean from multiple personal experience with it 🙂

    • Svet

      He-he, I am super happy that you got the title and grade you really deserve! I need to learn from you then, Bib!

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